Petek Sutrisno – Identity


Ships From : Yogyakarta, Indonesia

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Title        : Identity
Size         : 150 x 120 cm
Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
Year        : 2019

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Petek Sutrisno was born in 1988, he graduated from Indonesian Institute of The Art Yogyakarta. Sutrisno is a part of the young artist generation whose works are heavily infuenced by comics, cartoons,illustations and pop culture. In his work,Sutrisno shows an impact between traditional and modern, he deliberately presents to and the visual language. With pieces of visuals,he steals from what he sees everyday, he combines and brings all together in his work,interacting with each other,as refecting the encounter of traditional and modern.

Solo Art Exhibition
2015 :  “Star Power” Artotel Surabaya
2012 :  “Head Of Sinner” Tirana Art Space Yogyakarta
 “New Monster” Via Via Yogyakarta
Group Exhibition 
2019 :  “YAA # 4  “Incumbent” Bale Banjar Sangkring Yogyakarta
2018 :  “YAA # 3  “Positioning” Bale Banjar Sangkring Yogyakarta
 “Simply Life “ Pick Season”  Meliapurosani Yogyakarta
2017 :  “Art Charity Auction” Pacific Place Jakarta
 “Bekraf Art Jkt 2017” Pacific Place Jakarta
 “Kios Kaos” Kedai Kebun Forum Yogyakarta
2016 :  “Simply Life” Yudi Art Space Yogyakarta
 “Terang Bulan” Plataran Djoko Pekik Yogyakarta
2015 :  “Acemart” Acehouse Yogyakarta
 “Merzabu” Canvas Art Space Singapore
 “Jogja Agro Pop” Equator Art Project Singapore
2014 :  “Nandur Srawung” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
 “Young Wild Unfree” Artotel Surabaya
 “Yang Maha Benda” Studio Grafis Minggiran Yogyakarta
 “Merayakan Agar Agar” DGTMB Shop Yogyakarta
 “Silkscreen Attack” Askos Yogyakarta
 “Neo Iconoclast” Langgeng Gallery Yogyakarta
 “Fenomena Perjaka Lembab” DGTMB Versus Project Yogyakarta
2013 :  “The Semelah” DGTMB Award,Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
 “Dimiscall Leluhur” DGTMB Vol 14
 “Let’s Start” Waterbank Yogyakarta
 “Mubal Generation” DGTMB Project, Dia.lo.gue Jakarta
 “Meta Amuk” Galeri Nasional Indonesia Jakarta
 “Sweet Seventeen” Via Via Yogyakarta
 “Ngresulo” Jogja Gallery Yogyakarta
2012 :  “Book Play Art Project” Kedai Kebun Forum Yogyakarta
 “Mubal Generation” LIR Shop Yogyakarta
 “Cutting Edge” Kedai Kebun Forum Yogyakarta
 “Post Card Exhibition 2012” Viridina Art House Singapura
 “Just Because I Love You” DGTMB Project,Via Via Yogyakarta
 “Jogja Agro Pop feat Krisna Widiathama” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
 “Ticket to the Moon” Kedai Belakang Yogyakarta
2011 :  “Disambar Desember Vol # 4” UPT Gallery ISI Yogyakarta
 “Diskomfest # 4” Jogja Nasional Museum Yogyakarta
 “Drawing Lovers # 3” Sangkring Art Space Yogyakarta
 “Drawing Revolution” FFR Yogyakarta
2010 :  “Hi Grapher” Jogja National Museum Yogyakarta
 “Drawing Lovers # 2” UPT Gallery ISI Yogyakarta
 “Disambar Desember Vol # 3” UPT Gallery ISI Yogyakarta
2009 :  “See The Sound” Ars Longa Gallery Yogyakarta
 “Mural Project” TKMDII 2 Vredebrug Yogyakarta
 “Workshop Comic” with Ismail Sukribo ISI Yogyakarta
2008 :  “Satan festival” Eyang Gallery Yogyakarta
 “Diskomfest # 3” Jogja National Museum Yogyakarta
 “Kata Holic” Unit Gawat Dagadu Yogyakarta
2007 :  “Final Project SMSR” Taman Budaya Yogyakarta
 “Cerita Teman” live mural SMSR Yogyakarta
 “Dream & Hope” SMSR Yogyakarta
2006 :  “Pratita Adhi Karya” the best artworks
2007 :  “The Best Paintings” LKS SMSR Yogyakarta





150 x 120 cm


Acrylic on Canvas

Product Origin


Ships From

Yogyakarta, Indonesia


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