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Introducing the first step in the creation of a new design acoustic grand piano. Sjuman+Renanda piano is a brainchild of two artisans, Aksan Sjuman and Raul Renanda. Aksan is a well-known musician, music composer, and musical instrument artisan. Raul Renanda is an architect, designer and painter.

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To create a mesmerising tone, the music instrument should have an extraordinary parts system inside it. Sjuman+Renandra built to impress by installing the best piano parts system in the world with specific requirements and special touch from Aksan Sjuman. Raul Renanda and Saniharto crafts the piano with the next level of quality by combining high-tech machinery and hand made touch to create the prestigious piano in the market.


The soundboard, which is the essential wood part that creates the sound, is made out of solid Spruce wood. The piano action uses the latest technology taking advantage of the carbon fiber material. The string is a newly developed nickel-plated bass string to create an excellent bass sound.

Aksan Sjuman himself will regulate the piano system specifically for an advance piano player to ensure that the piano has its own best sound character, which in a way is making each piano to have its soul. Indonesia, as we know it, is rich with exotic wood material. The Macassar Ebony is proudly exposed to enhance the beauty of this grand piano design. Raul Renanda, just like most of his sculptures and paintings, is often inspired by sailing boats. The movement, the lightness and the majesty of a sailing ship is clearly shown in this grand piano. Looking very sculptural, it also has several significant performance effects. The way the sound travel, the enclosed, intimate feeling, and the ‘open finger’ performance ‘mode’ is the only piano in the world that has this innovative design approach.


System Length          : 275 cm / 9 ft
Piano Action             : WNG Carbon Fiber
Hammer                    : Renner Bluepoint
Soundboard Wood  : Spruce Wood
Strings                       : Hellerbass – Nickel Plated
Pinblock                    : Dehonit
Finish                        : Piano Black Gloss + Macassar Ebony



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After an initial down-payment of 50%, Saniharto will schedule a survey for delivery. Shipment can be made 14 (fourteen) days after the final 50% payment is completed.

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